Leaders in the Housing Sector to discuss challenges in the housing sector in Sheffield | Latest news

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Leaders in the Housing Sector to discuss challenges in the housing sector in Sheffield

Key speakers include Yvonne Castle (CEO of JJH), Katie Teasdale (National External Affairs Manager at the National Housing Federation), Mark Hawley (Professor of Health Services Research, ScHARR Director, Centre for Assistive Technology and Connected Healthcare (CATCH) )   and Jeremy Porteus (Managing Director at Housing Learning and Improvement Network). The session will also include a case study from JJH on how they are actively working on initiatives to support the NHS to save £1 million by 2021. Breakout sessions will facilitate discussions around development changes, overcoming challenges through innovation, working in partnership, and maximising the use of technology enabled care to meet resident’s needs.

Yvonne Castle from JJH explained, “Having already held a successful inaugural event in the North East, we are building on our aspirations to become ‘Market Makers’ within independent living. We want to do this with partners, pooling our collective strengths.  We have 1,300 properties in Yorkshire and Derbyshire so we think it’s important we work together to develop innovative solutions for our residents.”

The event is free to attend and for more information and to book a place, please visit http://www.jjhousing.co.uk/yd-thought-leadership-book-your-place


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  1. Allison Woodcock Thursday, 3 May 2018 at 04:21 AM

    I have been a jjh tennent since 2016. Iam a 59yrs old and very ill. I moved into a independant living accommadation cause i wanted a safe secure place to live. Iam disabled and a wheelchair user fulltime. I had only been in my new flat about 2/3 wks. When a new tennant moved next door to me. That tennant who is male as put me and others through hell ever since he as been here. I was made a prisoner in my own home for a yr or so. With no support from jjh. The trouble maker was given lots of support . And jjh made excuses for his behaviour. Which i found appauling. This person followed me everywere i went. Grabbing at me telling me he really liked me. I reported daily to jjh and the police. I was even told by jjh staff that because i chose to lock my self behind the door. They will never know what he would or could do. I asked jjh to move me from first floor flat to ground floor. But they said it depends if someone else on the list is more in need than me. One came available last year. So i asked if i could have it. But was told no. And a member of staff was working on the list. I was 45 on the list by the time they fin with list i was 15. Jjh said one thing to me then lied to my face saying that they didnt say that. But i have proof...