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Advice about paying your rent over Christmas and New Year



Christmas is nearly here and for some there is a lot of pressure to spend a great deal on presents and entertaining family and friends. However rent payments must still be paid before, during, and after the festive period.

If you miss payments throughout December and January you will start the new year with arrears and we may be forced to take action against you that may result in you losing your home.

We want you to enjoy Christmas without worrying about money problems and we offer the following advice to help you stay out of debt:

  • Ensure your priority bills are  paid. This is your rent, gas, electricity, water and council tax. It is a condition of your tenancy that your rent is paid in advance and in full at all times. The best way to pay your rent is by direct debit.
  • Ensure you inform the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and Local Authority Housing Benefit department of any change in your circumstances. These may affect your benefit entitlement and therefore you must notify them as soon as possible to avoid any overpayments which you will have to repay.
  • Decide how much you can afford to spend at Christmas and stick to it – you will still then be able to pay essential bills such as rent.
  • If you are in debt and want general advice then you can contact one of these organisations:

If you wish to discuss your rent account or require a referral with our Welfare Benefits Advisor please call our Customer Services Hub on 0345 305 5335.