Welfare Reform - All you need to know and how we can help!

Since April 2013 the Government has made a series of changes to the welfare benefits system. Some of these changes could mean that you will receive less in your existing benefits, how some of these benefits are paid may differ and the responsibilities placed on you could be greater.

As a result of some of these changes, you may find that it becomes difficult to manage your money and pay your rent.

You can access information and guidance on some of the key changes to the benefits system using the menu on the left.

income services

Our helpful income services team are also available to provide advice, guidance and support to you should you need it.

Allison Howe, Gill Kiely and Mandy O'Neill (Left to Right) can be contacted on 0345 305 5335 or incomeservices@jjhousing.co.uk.



You can also find out more information about the full service and how to apply in the video below.